High Quality Furniture


We offer inspiring work, learning, hospitality and laboratory environments. Moreover we contribute to a healthy and pleasant environment for our clients with ergonomic office furniture that meets the highest technical standards. The quality of our products is reflected in the choice for materials, design and the attention to detail. It doesn’t matter if you want a simple chair or a luxury model, you will always experience functionality, sustainability and comfort.

Total Interior Solutions

Interior-Solutions-300x106We offer a broad portfolio of expertise and are able to handle all aspects of interior design, office furniture systems, flooring solutions, wall solutions, window coverings, archive systems and even waste bins. We are your total interior projects solutions provider!

Laboratory Solutions

To transform any room or building into a laboratory, proper products and a good service are essential. When a laboratory is first built or re-furbished, it is important to properly consider existing and future needs in order to establish the best possible use of space and the most effective provision of furniture, equipment, instrumentation and services.


Service-300x106Every business is unique, which is why we come in and watch your environment first. Then we can translate your ideas into a luxurious, practical and flexible interior. Large or small, functional or innovative. Given the variety of uses we can list all the relevant factors to help you select the best solution. We provide you a tailor-made product and full advisory service up to the product and after-care.

A Healthy Workplace

Ergonomie-300x106Every company is obliged to create the basic conditions for healthy working. We contribute to a healthy and pleasant environment for our clients with ergonomic office furniture. The core of ergonomics is job satisfaction. This is only possible in a safe and healthy environment with furniture that is perfectly adjustable. Symptoms which are the result of a wrong working posture will be prevented.


Leveranciers-300x106We represent several leading international companies of qualitative furniture and interior solutions, such as Ahrend International, Interstuhl, Bomefa, Bisley, De Valk and Triumph. As an importer and reseller we are continuously searching for new possibilities so we can permanently deliver the best products and services.