Inspiring Office Life


Many of us spend more time in the office than anywhere else; your office is your second home. So why not turn your workplace into something comfortable, attractive and inspirational?

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Innovative Education


A building in which education is to be imparted should be designed with a vision of education in mind. With creative furnishing ideas and contemporary products we can transform your vision of education into an optimum learning environment.

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Enjoy the art of Hospitality


Experiencing hospitality, feeling and enjoying it. From traditional bar to trendy lounge or club, from cozy lunchroom to contemporary restaurant, from comfortable terrace to outdoor dining, from luxurious bed & breakfast establishment to international business hotel; we can fulfill your wishes.

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Outdoor Furniture


Nothing is more attractive than the atmosphere on a full terrace or a relaxing day at the beach. People are standing in line to spend a few hours or even a whole day on this location. It seems obvious but your thriving outside bar, beach bar, terrace or resort requires a professional approach and an inviting look.

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Living in Style


The perfect sofa is one which looks good and which sits comfortable. Some designers are outstanding in combining these two properties and merge it into one design. We would love to help you develop a living experience and make your house a home.

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