Total Interior Solutions

Professional Flooring


We believe that floors have a measurable impact on how people experience the places in which they live, work and play – providing unique benefits to the end users, such as enhancing the feelings of comfort and well-being, security and confidence, or helping to inspire and motivate people to perform better.

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Relocatable Partitions


Our extensive range of relocatable partitions can be used to create stylish, modern and professional office or commercial interiors. We provide solutions to maximize your workspace. However, the systems are no longer just a convenient means of dividing space. In addition they need to align with corporate design, provide users with a pleasing environment and offer total flexibility.

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Window Coverings


More and more people are working daily with computers and monitors. Proper lighting is important. Too much sunlight or rather a lack of it makes tired or stinging eyes. Especially in automated environment. Partially translucent window coverings can help to regulate the amount of light.

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Archive Systems


Professional archiving involves more than the efficient storage of paper documents. A well-organized archive is a very important resource for any organization. We can deliver numerous products that provide the assurance of excellent storage and the ability to find archived documents with ease. We are able to supply solidly made (possibly lockable) stationary and/or mobile archive systems.

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Waste Bins


A waste bin, without considering one of the most important objects in your office, at home or in public space. You can see them everywhere – in many types, sizes and shapes. We deliver applications for inside and outside use or on special locations; from an ultramodern waste bin to a flame retardant wastepaper bin, free standing cigarette post or pedal bin.

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